*He's reserved around unfamiliar people and environments yet at the same time carries himself in a manner that's confident and self-assured, hence why he can appear standoffish and arrogant.

*To friends and people who's gotten to know him well enough though, he's an oddball with many eccentricities, which include holding conversations with his cats, or his collection of striped sweatpants. He's affectionate and looks out for others, and enjoys teasing his friends as well.

*He's honest and straightforward - perhaps to a fault, and will not hesitate to reveal what's on his mind rather than concealing and hiding things.

*Highly sensitive and introspective, he's in touch with himself and his emotions, often contemplating different abstract concepts and how it relates to him.

*He can be rather stubborn, especially when it comes to a goal or his beliefs; once he's set on something, it can be hard to dissuade him.

*Has a bit of a temper. He also has a bit of a hard time fully trusting people, and a hard time forgiving those who've wronged him. He knows these weaknesses of his however, and is working on them.

*Despite his background, Jaerim is frugal and pragmatic, preferring to live a simple life rather than indulge in extravagant luxuries.
*resides in the agr house, single room, which he always keeps neat, tidy, and organized.

*has a soft spot for animals (cats, especially) and volunteers occasionally at a local shelter for abandoned animals.

*owns two cats called olla and leon, both of which can sometimes be seen roaming the fraternity house and glaring at/asking to be petted by the others (depending on who it is).

*started taekwondo at seven and is now at 3rd dan. has joined and won competitions as well.

*playing the saxophone is one of his favorite hobbies and he can often be heard practicing new songs from his room. he owns an alto saxophone and is planning to buy a tenor one soon.

*speaks fluent english, japanese, and some chinese.

*is athletic and likes working out; besides taekwondo, he also enjoys running, swimming and soccer.

*a health nut; prefers fruits over junk food, takes a few multivamins every day, and often reads nutritional facts labels before buying certain food.

*a motorcycle enthusiast. his bike (which he's nicknamed bungbung) is his preferred means of travel.

*alternates between wanting to spend his time in the great outdoors and wanting to stay cooped up inside all day to have some time to himself.

*is well-read and enjoys reading philosophy and psychology books, as well as the occasional manga in his free time.

*has never had a relationship that's lasted long; this is perhaps because of trust issues and selfishness on his part.

*might or might not easily get emotional watching romantic and drama movies.

*has a low tolerance for spicy food and avoids it as much as possible.

age & d.o.b. 23 / 18 FEBRUARY 1992
"The price of greatness is responsibility." The words are etched in his heart, in his mind, if only because his father had drilled it into him so much he'd lost count, from the day he came home as a five-year-old blubbering, muddy mess and a broken window to account for, to the day he'd left for university, sharp and ready to take on another chapter of his life.

Born as a third-generation son to a family-owned electronics and petrochemicals conglomerate, any outsider looking in would say, perhaps enviously, that he leads a life of luxury, free from hard work, problems, or worries. And perhaps they're right, to an extent; he's never had to work to eat, never been strapped for cash, never experienced tragedy. The worst he'd had to live through is his mother leaving him and his father for another man - a socialite, motherhood was never for her, and she seemed to have no regrets, leaving a six-year-old Jaerim with an unanswered question of where she was going and whether or not she was coming back (she had no intentions to, and though he no longer feels animosity towards her, he returns the favor of leaving her occasional e-mails and text messages unanswered). His father recovered easily and within the next year he had remarried someone he had met on one of his many business trips - and it wasn't all bad for Jaerim either, since she turned out to be more of a mother than his own could ever be, and it brought him a younger sister who for the years after that would make his life in the household a little less lonely.

Jaerim has had his whole life planned out for him; as the only son, he'd been designated heir apparent for the business his grandfather had built from scratch and passed down to his father, who'd made the responsibility of succeeding the business aware to Jaerim as soon as he was in junior high. He was sent to the most prestigious schools, learned in a number of foreign languages, and pressured to succeed. He'd never questioned any of it, never rebelled, never wondered why he had to carry such a burden. Was he happy? He was content. Would he walk another path if he could? Maybe. Perhaps if he'd been born as someone else, or into another family, he would have taken up biology or veterinary science, with the hope of one day working with animals. But this is his life, his role. Everyone has responsibilities they need to carry out, and this is his. He'd decided to enrich his life through other ways instead, taking up eclectic hobbies from taekwondo to playing the saxophone.

Upon entering Yonsei University, he'd taken up Business Administration and Management and pledged to AGR, his father's fraternity. Dependable and with a fairly amiable personality, he quickly earned the trust of the brothers, and was voted Vice President. It's another responsibility he has to carry, but one he finds pleasure in, nevertheless.